Wrap, Knot, Tie

Our neighbors are a young couple from India with an adorable little girl. I put together some goodies for her for Valentine’s Day, just a mix of trinkets and art supplies. Instead of a box or paper bag I used a nice bandana to wrap everything, furoshiki-style. Furoshiki is a traditional Japanese wrapping cloth that’s used to carry practically anything. It’s a lovely, eco-friendly way of wrapping a gift, and I find it particularly useful for odd-shaped items. Japan’s Ministry of Environment issued a guide illustrating the many ways you can wrap with a furoshiki.

The cloth used as wrapping becomes part of the gift. Interestingly, the word bandana has its origins in the Hindi “bandhana” meaning to bind or tie.


Because You’re A Sweetheart

I made these little sweet packets to give out last Valentine’s Day. Even the most inexpensive candy turns special when packaged thoughtfully, like these re-packed in translucent envelopes. Since none were readily available in the size I needed, I made my own using bookstore-bought tracing paper and an ordinary envelope as template. I made my own stickers to seal, but washi tape is a great alternative.

Can you identify these candies?

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